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Holiday Blues

It was strange as the human holiday had swept through, becoming another popular celebration through the universe. But Phellick didn’t really mind. He’d sit there, watching the masses o people going to and fro with smiles on their faces. They’d seemed so happy, cheery in a way as they’d filter by him. In all of the time so far he’d spent stationed on the Citadel, he couldn’t really acquire anyone he could consider a friend. No, he’d pushed everyone away to a distance. But it was all for the quality of his work, the professionalism he’d put into his efforts.

And in the end, it seemed it’d burn it all right down to the ground.

At least he had the varren by his sides for company, to chat with, even if the responses received were all one way. It managed to beat the blues.

Is there a problem?

Off The Books [OPEN]



He smirked slightly as the varren took notice of him, but quickly turned his attention back to the turian. He was purple, which was usual…well, to Shepard, anyway. He couldn’t recall a time where he’d seen a purple turian in all his travels, though he didn’t dwell on the issue for too long.

"Yeah..hi. I’m Shepard." He looked down at the varren again, figuring the fact that his tali was wagging a bit meant he wasn’t planning to bite him. Or perhaps he thought he was getting a snack. He was seriously hoping for the former. "I wanted to know if I could pet your varren?"

Phellick had found himself feeling rather stupid. Knowing the name Shepard from his work and travels was something almost all being shared in common. It was easy to know that the name often brought along the same visuals of some heroic, or perhaps  not so heroic, person out there with the goal of saving , or destroying the universe as they knew it. All in all, it really just depended on who was asked. 

But the question at hand wasn’t really a first, and yet at the same time it left the turian with his mouth opened just slightly. “Y-yes sir! you can pet him. Just I warn that you make your movements initially slow and as less threatening as possible. He isn’t just a pet. He’s trained to work along side officers in the law enforcing class of business.” 

As the purple turian quietted down, Braumchak sat, patiently waiting to see what the human was going to do, those vibrant eyes staring him down.

Off The Books [OPEN]



The day had not been anywhere near the best. The gangs may have been quiet for once, especially after being more or less wiped out by C-sec forces plus one determined Wraith. However, there was someone chasing the injured turian. More doggedly and less worried about being shot.

Cryno was not moving well. He was stumbling around, hobbling and keeping his right hand just over the armor less spot on his left side above his hip. But he was moving, getting through people rather quickly even though no one was actually behind him.

At some point though, he stumbled, fell and rolled to his hands and knees while trying to get back up. A lot of people tried to stay away from him. The fully armored turian had blood all over the front of his armor. Always a bad omen

What had started off rather peaceful turned south as quick as the turian could turn his head. After clocking off from his long 20 hour shift, the turian was hoping he could avoid anything related back to his work. As much as he liked his job, right now he’d rather be sitting down, enjoying a meal between him and his four legged partner.

Braumchak had been the first to respond, going on the defensive and becoming alert as the turian came through and stumbled, making a ruckus. The varren had associated him with one of the bad guys the moment he’d been given the command in their first encounter. But now, he felt the strong hand tugging him back. Shopping would have to wait for another time.

Free hand resting on the side arm at his side, Phellick slowly approached the other. Scanning for clues as to what had happened. “Need any help with that?” He asked, voice rather deadpan. He wasn’t going to brush aside their previous encounter so easily. No matter what the situation. 

Off The Books [OPEN]



Deciding to drop off the grid for a few hours to have some time along, Shepard found himself window shopping through the various shops on one of the Citadel’s strips. He wandered in to a store and bought a mod or two, then continued on his way, hands stuffed in his pockets.

The commander walked by an asari who was playing with some sort of shiny ball, but his attention was caught by the varren who was intently watching the kid play. The turian closeby spoke to the animal shortly before thw two went walking away from him. Wanting to see if he could pet the varren, he changed direction and followed behind them, but kept his distance just in case.

"Uhh..excuse me?"

For a moment, Phellick was about to continue on before he heard the voice speak up. The purple turian paused in his spot, carefully as he turned around, trying not to trip over the varren at his side who was very content sulking after being denied the bright and shiny ball. “Yes?” He asked, standing straight as he corrected himself in his posture while eyes roamed over the human.

It was when Phellick spoke up that Braumchak turned around, nubby tail wagging slowly while those glassy large eyes stared at the human, head tilting for a moment in curiosity.

Off The Books [OPEN]

The Citadel might as well of been safer the moment the purple turian was relieved of his shift. He was free and finally off duty after working twenty hours with Braumchak by his side. And the first thing he had done after changing out of their uniforms, was hit the strips on the Citadel in search for some food. They were running low on their levels in the small apartment and were in desperate needs to stock up. But with the rest of the day and two days off to recharge before another string of long hours begun, they had to get things out of the way as soon as possible.

The purple turian was careful as he walked along the winding ways of shops, eyes glancing over things before Braumchak caught his attention. The varren had been watching a younger asari who appeared to be playing with a ball of sorts. It glowed and pulsated to life with colors as it bounced against the ground and the varren stood, glassy eyes fixed upon it. “Hey, If we have enough on the side at the end after all expenses… . I’ll get you one, got it?” Phellick spoke up, nudging the varren along the ridge of his neck. Reluctantly, the two parted deeper into the rows of vendors.

[Meet Braumchak!]